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Engaging Community in a BIG Way

A mid-sized north-west community was fragmenting as development and growth pressures over-stretched planning and governmental agencies breeding suspicion and distrust. Questions about resource adequacy and the very future of this treasured community threatened to turn necessary mandated planning into yet another battle ground of competing interests and divergent perspectives.

Project Community designed a public participation program that drew out over 1,000 voices and engaged people's bodies and imaginations in the hard work of navigating the difficult trade-offs of land-use and city planning. Project Community's unique Feet on the Street process and World Cafe(tm) method built bridges among community groups, leaders, and agency staff and developed common understanding and perspective. The results? A world-class plan that earned a standing ovation from the governance board governor's and state planning association awards for Public Participation and an award from the local business community!

Opening up a project management culture

The Chief Technology Officer of a southeastern company needed to shift the culture of his IT group from defensive-reactive to collaborative-proactive. He enlisted Project Community to create a groundswell of support and create an engaged, empowered staff. Through a brief series of workshops, coaching, and facilitated sessions, the staff quickly coalesced into a self-directed change initiative that went viral throughout the organization.

Navigating towards a big change

The owner of a professional services firm wanted to plan an orderly move into retirement. He asked Project Community to help him negotiate the delicate issues involved in transferring ownership of the firm to a partner. Project Community helped him and his partner work through the core issues — expectations, needs, and values — that were central to making a successful move. They quickly discovered key differences that led them to both conclude that the original plan wasn't going to work. They each left the conversation with clear steps towards parting ways, a clearer focus for their futures, and a respectful understanding of their differences.

Working through leadership shifts

The volunteer board of a local service agency sought help in clarifying their direction, setting a more effective hiring process, and working through hard feelings left by less than successful past decisions and action. Project Community provided a situation assessment, brief and effective advice for resolving past conflicts, and coached the board through a successful hiring process. With on-going coaching on clarifying expectations and establishing solid and constructive communications, the board navigated through the transition with improved confidence, satisfaction, and results.

Resolving Personality Conflicts

A local professional services provider was struggling to help staff manage through a personnel change rooted in personal conflicts, escalated side-taking, and inter-group bickering. Project Community used a personality preference tool to help staff members understand the source of their conflicts - differing communication and work styles - and helped them find ways to express their fears and concerns in ways that mended their rifts, led them to appreciate one another's differences, and build a team better able to handle future stresses and conflicts.

Satisfaction and Operational Improvement

An owner / entrepreneur wanted to find ways to recover her life AND improve her bottom-line profit while maintaining customer satisfaction. Project Community's business coaching helped her clarify objectives, improve relationships, and untangle business processes. Our coaching helped her find the good fit professional resources to tackle financial challenges. Our group facilitation engaged team members in understanding their role in improving operations and employee satisfaction. Business results include improved profit, reduced debt, increased utilization rates, and improved cash flow. Intangible results include better staff relationships, lower stress, more confidence, and greatly increased owner satisfaction!

Finding Inspiration

A large quasi-governmental entity was seeking a motivational speaker for its employee appreciation luncheon. After clarifying objectives and understanding the situation, Project Community delivered an outside-the-box presentation/workshop that helped employees develop a stronger appreciation of themselves and discover internal motivation and inspiration inside their organization.

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