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Project Community is the creation of David Schmaltz — consultant, speaker, and internationally published author.

David developed his leadership and project management expertise with a major northwest financial services company, ultimately implementing the most complex information technology projects and programs and managing a staff of IT project managers. His early writing led him into consulting with a premier Silicon Valley consulting firm, Ontara Corporation, specializing in distilling breakthrough project management techniques for cutting edge technology development. David's insights, advice, and training helped some of the country's current top technology firms like Oracle and Apple Computer mature their entrepreneurial beginnings into innovative, integrated, thriving operations.

In the late 90s, David founded True North project guidance strategies. With True North, David brought these insights to a broader range of companies including financial services giants Wells Fargo, Lloyd's of London, and the New York Stock Exchange; product manufacturing firms including Sealy, Nike, and Intel; and even to code development teams at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

With True North, David developed his signature style of Brief Consulting and high impact training built on what he learned as faculty of Problem Solving Leadership a high impact leadership development workshop Dani and Jerry Weinberg co-developed with family systems pioneer Virginia Satir.

David's best-selling book, The Blind Men and the Elephant: Mastering Project Work, How to Transform Fuzzy Responsibilities into Meaningful Results (Berrett-Koehler 2003) is available around the world in eight languages. David is a frequent contributor to ProjectsatWork where he also serves on the editorial board.

David blogs on innovation, initiative, ethics, leadership, project work, and life at www.pureschmaltz.com

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