Rendered Fat Content

Covenant: It Has Always Been Thus

Skeptically embrace any innovator's claim to have resolved any of the fundamental difficulties of work, whether claiming to eliminate drudgery or ensure success. There have always been touts claiming mastery over gravity or the seasons, and none have ever delivered on their promises.

Focus, instead, upon honing your ability to cope with the normal, easily anticipated, eternal complications of your work. Calluses defend what no glove could protect.

It Has Always Been Thus. We yearn for liberation, expecting the good guys to ride in on foaming horses or the eleventh hour benefactor to magically appear. Fortunate synchronicity when it occurs. No evidence of bad luck when it does not.

The game of Three Card Monty is not a game of skill for anyone but the one inviting you to play. They've learned to tickle your switches. Can you recognize when someone is tickling yours?

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