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Carless -Day Twenty Seven -Fishin' See?

I’m sure the notice on the bike shop’s website said they’d be open on Wednesday. I remembered the owner explaining to another customer last time I was there that he was heading out to one of the canal trails for a few days. Somehow, I’d imprinted that he’d be open after ten on Wednesday, so I grabbed the bike wheel and brake hub parts and started hiking.

I passed right by the bike shop just around the corner because they specialize in futuristic electric bikes. They’d seen my antique before and given the kind of advice that convinced me that they didn’t have a clue about mid-century classic wheels. They’d had their chance, so I kept walking until I came to the classic bike shop and found the sign saying they’d be open again on Thursday. Dang!

I try to be careful now, but I seem to be programmed to be car-full, instead. I’m so used to simply heading out fueled by mere intention, that I don’t always check the facts very closely. Sure, I could have called ahead. Or double-checked that website before leaving. Instead, I invested a couple of miles’ worth of shoe rubber and sweated through my belt. Living without necessarily learning anything.

My cars fueled ten thousand fishing expeditions, trips out just to see what I might scare up. Carlessness isn’t so friendly to this kind of speculative excursion, especially if you’re lugging a bike wheel and parts along with ya. They make repurposing awkward.

I’d intended to drop off the bike parts then route myself back ‘home’ via the library. Instead, I routed back home, then out into the sub-tropical afternoon to the library and back, with humility dripping down my back and through my shirt. My more efficient two-purpose plan collapsed when my first purpose failed me.

This experience feels very similar to writing with a pen on paper. When my purpose entails getting stuff out of my head, nothing beats pen and paper. If I need to re-purpose what I’ve written, like to share it on Facebook or something, I have to transcribe into another medium first, and that feels very inefficient because handwriting’s tough to repurpose.

Some days, carlessness seems like a step back into quill pen times. Thoughtfulness isn’t simply useful here, it’s pretty close to necessary. Clear confirmed purpose, not just fishin’, see?

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