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Carless -Day Twenty Six -Gridlock

Traffic was terrible this morning. I know this not from personal experience, but from the frequent updates on WAMU. Traffic conditions get reported every twenty minutes starting at five AM, not ending until ten unless traffic’s particularly bad, in which case these reports might continue all day. Afternoon commute reporting starts at four and extends until eight, depending.

I swear they could (and might) just re-run a tape of yesterday’s traffic, and the reporting would be mostly correct. I don’t know where most of the clogs happen because I’ve driven on the Beltway maybe a dozen times since we relocated here three and a half years ago, but the names are familiar because they are the same, day after day after day.

The Washington Post’s commuting reporter goes by the title Dr. Gridlock. He’s aptly named. He recommends living close to a Metro stop and leaving the car parked during commute hours. One commenter listed the dozen different places he’d worked in the area over the last thirty years, and I began to understand that living close to work might be practically impossible.

We’re lucky or conniving enough to be able to satisfy Gridlock’s advice. Amy’s on the Metro toward the late end of both morning and afternoon crush, and radio reports are the closest we ever come to experiencing gridlock.

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