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Unstuck 3.7: Insufficiency

Go ahead and wake up after two and a half hours sleep, then get out of bed. Take a cool shower, get dressed, then get on with your day. I know, there won’t be enough coffee to quite wake you up all day. You won’t be quite hungry enough for such an early breakfast. Eat something anyway. You might well be groggy, but you might be unstuck.

Curious how abundant insufficiency holds such power, such authority. Violate the old routine and the status quo can’t help but doze off. I can catch up on my sleep some other time. For now, too little’s plenty.

Change might end when the new status quo stabilizes, and the road there from the old status stuck seems inevitably twisty and long, but the first inch might be traversed almost instantaneously. No need to save up until I’ve accumulated enough ergs. Enough never seems like quite enough. But I figure I’m lousy with insufficiency almost all the time. I could amplify the absence, further subtract from an already overdrawn account, and try on that experience for a change. Spare change. Perhaps real change.

I’m reflecting upon how profligate stuck seems. It sucks down more than his fair share. A real glutton. So I’m starving stuckness to see how he responds.

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