Rendered Fat Content

A Cook's Book

 The Larder

I am not a chef. I am a cook. And a pot wizard. And a cheap-assed shopper. 

I do not wear a toque. I only occasionally wear an apron. My knives need sharpening. They were not imported from Germany. 

My cookware does not match. I have way more Corningware than I will ever use, purchased for next to nothing at an old family friend’s estate sale. It holds more meaning than utility.

My favorite cast iron fry pan has a crack in the bottom of it, but I cannot bear to replace it. I found it in the oven of the old gas cookstove in that crummy apartment I moved into when my first wife and I separated. It, however, holds more utility than meaning, though it holds a lot of meaning, too.

I am a picky eater. Slip over here for more ...


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