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What Everyone Should Understand About True North’s Mastering Projects Workshop

This workshop is unique.

To claim uniqueness, however, does not explain much. This description might elicit many different negative comparisons, such as, “it is almost, but not entirely unlike this other workshop.”

How is this workshop unique? Most project workshops focus attention upon transferring explicit how-to skills: how to plan, how to track progress, how to control execution, and how to build a team. They focus upon the transfer and acquisition of explicit knowledge without ever considering how it is that one goes about acquiring and actually using that knowledge. Slip over here for more ...


Unlearning Project Management

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I'm investigating some ways to spread the contents of this blog more widely using Technorati. I might as well start here:

I have been, over the past month, developing a series of articles for Projects@Work entitled Unlearning Project Management. The first in this series was published last week to varied critical reception; mostly, it seems, quite critical. My editor there didn't report any death threats, but he did say that several people recommended that he black ball me from further contribution. He said he'd stick with me through this series, hoping that I might "win over a few of my critics" by the time I've finished the series.

What IS my problem with project management as I see it increasingly practiced? Here's some background from an email exchange with one of the critics of the first installment:

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Mapping Human Relationships2

There are several efforts underway to bring some rigor to the idea of mapping human relationships. Some analyze emailing patterns to derive relationship patterns. Others rely upon more subjective methods.

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