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Integration: The Essential Milling Around Period

Where does integration start? This is a mostly meaningless question, but rather than simply walk away from it, I'll expound a tiny bit. Integration isn't a step-wise, serial process. I know, I know, step-wise seriality has become the popular method for describing everything, and while I could slip into that worn groove, I'll choose not to. If only because that groove misrepresents integration. It just ain't like that.

I believe that we miss many opportunities to integrate because we don't see them. Primed for one or another 'first step,' when we don't see that step appearing, we get discouraged, even to the point of convincing ourselves that integration is obviously not possible here, at this time, with THEM! So I'll explicitly dismiss the serial, step-wise recipe for integration in favor of a less misrepresenting form. Slip over here for more ...


Good For The Goose

When the United States entered The Great War, many captains of industry moved to DC, volunteering their services for a mere dollar per year. Most of these “dollar men” turned out to be worth every cent their government paid them.

Once behind Federal desks, these captains found little to do, for most had inherited their privileged position and maintained it by limiting wages and promoting equities. They knew little about production, considering fabrication to be work suitable only for common people. Slip over here for more ...


Confessions of a Stunt Peddler

The second installment of my Confessions of a Stunt Peddler series has been posted on the Technology Management portal. (At last!)

This one was difficult to complete. Like drawing a self portrait from a fun house mirror image. Who IS that character in there? Is he the genuine article?

Like with any work of art, this construction finally forced my hand. I just had to choose. Wittgenstein once proclaimed that what he'd excluded from a manuscript was just as important as what he chose to include, and that to understand the work, both would necessarily need to be considered. And so it is here.

I believe I've identified some important considerations here, but I've doubtless excluded much more than I chose to include. What would you add if it was your hand etching the portrait of a stunt peddler, or a former one?



My world crumbled in upon me yesterday. No great tragedy, just one of the commonplace pedestrian catastrophes. I'd constructed the scenario for my immediate future, then found myself unable to manifest my aspiration. I'd written down the wrong address, arrived at the proper time, but found nobody there. Nobody I knew anywhere. I sat in my disappointment for a while before I decided to sit with it. Then, nearly in tears, I shuffled off to a second-best alternative, chewing on myself most of the way. Once there, I was delighted to find a wish I'd forgotten I'd made coming true before my eyes. This, alone, was not nearly enough to dispel my funk. It stretched into the evening and left me restless in bed. Only in my dreams did any sense of integration return. This morning, I feel whole again.

Disintegration is the father of integration, as well as its first born child. Slip over here for more ...



Today's word is Integration. Today, being 10/19/2009, seems perfect for integrating. In 10/19, there are two ones, perfect for combining with the single nine to create by simple addition and combination, 2009. Well, that's my explanation.

The first principle of integration seems to be that the story I create to explain the integration might not make sense to anyone but me. You just had to be there at the 'point of integration' for the story to provide full impact, to experience that ah-ha instant. I got to experience it first hand. My story is inevitably used goods. What's well integrated for me might not seem very well combined to you. Slip over here for more ...


Paranoia Strikes Deep

I know only one sure sign that I'm doing my real work: paranoia. If I'm out there adequately far, or have just returned from one of those excursions, I might feel the elation of creating something brand new and worthy of me and the world, while underneath, a gnawing suspicion simmers. Am I stepping off the cliff instead of just close enough to it? Am I inadvertently bruising anyone? Is my ecstasy agonizing another? Am I standing on another's toes as I arch up onto mine?

I might have never yet touched the face of any God, but I've shaved my share of them; bare blade barely separating achievement from ideal. These experiences were at least as humbling as elating, and no one else, no matter how close the shave, could feel the turbulence this perennial test pilot always feels.

My best work always scares the Hell out of me, and should. Slip over here for more ...


Certified Complete Idiot

Project Management Institute Announces New Professional Designation

According to an official in a company closely related to the organization, the Project Management Institute will announce next week the creation of a totally new professional certification, CCI™, the Certified Complete Idiot designation. Slip over here for more ...


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