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Learn how to teach yourself to become the leader you aspire to be.

“This Beyond Leadership session was unprecedented... excellent.” Beyond Leadership participant

Why Beyond Leadership?

Real leadership cannot be taught, but it can be learned. Following any teacher’s model for what a leader should do is following, not leading.

Real leaders learn what works for them by learning from their own experience. The key to such learning is awareness, self-awareness, situation awareness, and relationship awareness.

Awareness cannot be taught but it can be learned.

BeyondLeadership fosters just such learning. The carefully designed preparation and residential experience sets a context that enables deep personal observation and learning. Skilled facilitation supports each participant as they integrate their often surprising insights into their everyday practice.

In the instant between perception and action, belief and behavior, lies the power to change the world. Amy Schwab

Not a week’s workshop, an introduction to a life’s work.

What is Beyond Leadership?

BeyondLeadership is an intense, intimate, experiential learning program designed to help individuals become more effective observers and leaders.

BeyondLeadership participants discover for themselves their points of leverage. Learning to catch themselves being themselves they gain access to more choices in moments of crisis. They learn to attend more fully and humanly, and to act with greater presence and awareness.

Working in a safe learning environment with individuals from other organizations, aspiring leaders learn how to better observe themselves, others, and the situations they find themselves in.

BeyondLeadership helps participants teach themselves how to become the leaders they aspire to become. Participants discover their own most enduring lessons unconstrained by someone else's agenda.

Most of us seek altogether too much ‘know how.’ We use no more that 10% of our know how relying in practice upon something like 40% know when and the rest know why.David A. Schmaltz

Our master facilitators are skilled at guiding personal discovery experiences. Flexibly using lecture, simulation, and one-on-one coaching, they ensure that each participant has access to a learning medium well suited to his or her own learning style.

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