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Project Community's training solutions are customized to your situation, objectives, and needs and designed for adult learners. Our Amplifed Action Learning™ uses your real work to reach your learning objectives. You'll learn to use your strengths more effectively to meet your real world challenges. You'll discover profound and surprising insights that will make a lasting difference in your everyday work.

Workshops and Seminars

Mastering Projects Workshop

In four short days shift your project capabilities to high performing. Learn how to design a project for success, make the people factors on your project work for you, and increase your confidence and satisfaction. For more about Mastering Projects click here..

The Leadership Edge - Beyond Leadership

True leaders discover what they do when people follow them and use that insight to deepen and improve their leadership capability. Our breakthrough experiential leadership program provides emerging and experienced leaders with the space, time, and counsel to break through barriers, deepen awareness, and profoundly improve their personal leadership practice. For more information visit us here.

Customized Training

Project Community customizes sessions for organizations, teams, and businesses based on your situation, objectives, and needs. Call us today to learn how you can accomplish your most aggressive training goals and produce real results and increased capacity in your organization.

Experience customized workshops such as the following selection from our past:

Managing Differences

Understanding the diversity of work and communication styles can shift team and personal performance into high gear. Using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator profile (MBTI) participants learn to better understand their own style and work more effectively with others.

Managing in Chaos

Changes, transitions, and life shifts can leave you feeling adrift. Managing in Chaos teaches you the patterns of change and helps you identify your individual reaction and how that interacts with those of others. Participants leave feeling more in control, confident, and able to successfully surf the inevitable waves of change. To learn how your team can better manage through chaos contact us today.

Mirroring Local Customs

The politics of organizational life or group dynamics of a community culture can frustrate the most dedicated or passionate individual or team. Mirroring Local Customs helps you understanding the underlying patterns of groups and develop strategies to succeed. Call Project Community and learn how to make frustrating patterns work for you instead of against you!

Changing the Game

Change is like the weather, everyone talks about and no one seems able to do anything about it. By considering the nature of the 'game' in which we work, live, and play we'll explore different types of systemic change, the core ingredients of change, and the necessary prerequisites to becoming a meaningful change agent. For more information on how you and your team can shift their game changing capability, contact us today.

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