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Too often projects are relegated to a heap of templates, schedules, and task lists turning juicy opportunity into dry obligation. Project Community's project services — design and start-up, management, close-out, and trouble-shooting — focuses your efforts on creating high performing teams and efforts that leave everyone feeling energized and ready to tackle the next challenge!

Project Design and Start-up

Invest a few short days designing a project that will slip-stream with your organization's prevailing winds, thrive in whatever the political climate, and attract motivated support. Focus objectives, identify risks and barriers, and structure your effort for success.

Project Management

Making a project work goes far beyond scheduling, tasks, roles, and responsibilities. Master the human factors that propel projects to success - and use project management tools in ways that serve your project's unique situation and objectives.


Celebrate completion and lessons learned with an effective project close-out. We use cutting edge retrospective methods to recapture the magical moments and learn the lessons you need to know for your next project. Learn how to glean value from your project experience that will make you more effective and engender a real learning organization.


When things don't work as you'd expected, call Project Community. Using our unique Brief Consulting and project assessment, we'll rapidly help you uncover the factors frustrating your best efforts, realign your effort, and help you correct your course towards successful completion. Don't sit in frustration, learn how a little nudge from Project Community can make a big difference in performance and satisfaction!

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