Facilitation & Planning

Project Community


Meetings and Conferences

Make your your next group meeting, conference, or event special! We design and facilitate event reach beyond ordinary objectives and deliver WOW results. We design to your objectives and your budget to deliver what you really need - not just what you imagined you might be able to get.

Project Start-up

Starting up a new project or initiative? Use our group facilitation to rapidly move your group into high performance. Align interests, inspire participation, and focus your energies to start off right.

Course Correction & Conflict Resolution

Need a mid-course pick-me-up? Wondering if your effort shouldn't really be more fun and productive? Call us and find out how a very brief session might shift you back on track immediately!

Retreats and Off-sites

Make your next leadership, board, or team retreat an event to remember! Project Community designs and facilitates retreats that reach your objectives quickly, build stronger relationships, and refresh and renew you.Whether you are setting direction, building a team, or dealing with an issues, let Project Community redefine your standard for excellence!

Team Building

Experience Project Community's team building and re-energize, and re-engage your people! New teams get up and running quickly and established teams re-discover their magic.

Whether you need to mend frayed relationships, resolve disagreements, or regain momentum, we can help! We'll design a team-building session that will help you re-focus on your purpose and get working really well together again.


Strategic Planning

Use Project Community's strategic planning to re-gain focus, direction, and a practical, workable game plan for moving towards your future. Too often groups gather with great intentions and draft a plan that never again sees the light of day.

Let us help you distill your real purpose and focus and find the innovation, initiative, and leadership you need to set and reach stretch goals worthy of your time and energy.

Business Planning

Planning your business should excite you and re-energize your efforts, not leave you struggling to fill in the blanks in someone else's template. Our business planning focuses your direction, clarifies your key success factors while compiling the important information you and your partners need to help you succeed. Whether compiling a financial plan, a marketing plan, or laying out a new business, let Project Community find the real keys to success.

Project Planning

Learn why organizations around the world look to Project Community for their project planning and design. We go beyond just building schedules and task lists to develop a motivated community of support that will successfully tackle your project, large or small. You'll learn to align your goals, identify your key success factors, and develop an effort that will delight you and produce exceptional results. Whether starting new or re-directing an on-going initiative, let us show you why our clients all over the world call us the project wizards!

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